Gloucester Resources Limited (GRL)

GRL are proposing to build an open-cut coal mine on the outskirts of Gloucester township just 900m from the residential area of Forbesdale.
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GRL, an 80% foreign owned company, commenced exploring for coal in the Gloucester valley in 2008. They have three exploration licences surrounding the town on two sides.

Further down the valley the Yancoal Stratford mine is mothballed and the Duralie mine will cease operations in 2019. The price of coal has plummeted but GRL are steadfast in their determination to build the Rocky Hill Mine.

GRL has been pursuing approval for the Rocky Hill mine since it first approached the NSW Government in 2012 but has strategically dragged out the approval process for the past three years as it placed its application “on hold” and pursued major cost-savings.

GRL plans to mine for up to 21 years and recover up to 2 million tonnes of coal per year. But don’t worry – it will be subject to the most rigorous regulation and monitoring!

Now things are on the move again. A revised Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was placed on public exhibition by the Department of Planning and submissions closed on 14 October 2016. An overwhelming number of submissions were opposing the mine.

Cost saving measures decided by GRL: Out goes the costly processing plant, overland conveyor and rail loop; In comes a 10km private haul road between the Rocky Hill mine and the Stratford mine – all done in partnership with a cash-strapped Yancoal.

Although GRL touts Stage 1 of the mine as being comparatively small it will be approximately 900 metres from a residential area and will place the hospital, schools, aged care facilities and many more homes and families within the 5 kilometre health impact zone.

Exploration drilling has taken place in Stage 2 – this will take the mine north towards Gloucester and extend the health impact zone to cover most of Gloucester township.
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Rocky Hill Stage1 Footprint

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