The beautiful Gloucester Valley is threatened by destructive coal and gas mining

AGL to Quit Gloucester

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For 7 years the Gloucester community has campaigned against the AGL gas field.  This was a project that wasn’t safe, wasn’t needed and wouldn’t make a profit.  On Thursday 4 February AGL announced that it would not proceed with the project and would relinquish their exploration licence.  This very likely spells the end of CSG at Gloucester.
Thank you to all our members, allies and supporters for your hard work, your donations and moral support.
We will continue to work to hold responsible all those who have improperly promoted the CSG industry, to support campaigns at other gas fields and to have appropriate remediation at Gloucester.  We will continue to work for a sustainable future for our valley.



The future of the beautiful Gloucester Valley in NSW, Australia hangs in the balance. We are faced with open-cut coalmines and gas fields that threaten to industrialise our idyllic rural heartland. Locals and the thousands of visitors who come each year to enjoy the World Heritage Listed Barrington Tops love the natural beauty of the valley. And our local food producers rely on the clean rivers that flow through the valley. The people of Gloucester and the region will not stand aside for mining companies to make a profit, while imposing long-term damage to our existing, sustainable agriculture and tourism industries. We ask you to join us to protect our vibrant rural community.

The traditional custodians of these lands are the Biripi and Worimi people and we respect their cultural heritage and history.
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"I support the Gloucester community in their battle to decide their own economic future and to protect the homes, land and water of the Gloucester Valley from the destructive impacts of the coal and coal seam gas industries. Keep me informed and let me know how I can help. "

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