The Gloucester Valley is truly a valley of rivers. It is the meeting place for the rivers of the Port Stephens and Manning Catchments.
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The Manning Catchment alone provides drinking water for more than 20 000 homes and businesses.

Here in the Gloucester Valley, the Avon, Gloucester, Mammy Johnsons and Karuah Rivers are the water source for a long-established agricultural industry.

The Karuah runs to the beautiful bay of Port Stephens where a thriving tourism industry includes whale watching and ocean diving. There is also a thriving oyster industry.

And downstream on the Manning River, this same water that runs through Gloucester, supports a 140 year old oyster farming industry worth over $1 million annually.
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The community knows that water is a vital resource and we value the incredible benefit it brings to our region. We will work to safeguard our rivers and aquifers from the impact of coal mining.

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